Monday, 26 December 2011

A Letter to my Phone.


Dear my beloved Sony-Ericson-which-i-dont-remember-the-model,

Please come home. Mummy is sorry when i told you that i wanna buy a new phone to replace you. I am sorry for always looking at all the new smartphones displayed at the shop yesterday. And having an evil thought of abandoning you. Sorry ;( I didnt mean that. I love you with all my heart. Eventhough you are not as canggih as all those smartphones but still i love you to the infinity. You are very important to me.

Dont you know how worried I was when I found you missing? And I am still worried now. I looked for you everywere in house. The last time I recalled being with you was at the mall. What if a bad person took you away from me and we never meet again, I tried to call you but you were off.

Oh my dear phone, seriously, if you read this, come back to mummy. I dont have enough money right now to buy a replacement. Please come back! Dont merajuk merajuk manja with me anymore. I miss you!


Ujie said...

dah takat tu je jodoh dia dgn yayan kot..^__^

aimie amalina said...

la ni jmp x lagi?

Anonymous said...

belum ;(
tpi on the bright side.. hee saya dapat beli baru. ^^