Saturday, 6 May 2017

First Posting ; Orthopedics

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Lamanya tak menulis dalam blog. I always wanna update and write something but, when you are a houseman sleep is far more important than anything else 😑

It has been five months since i am in this profession; there are lots of good and bad things happened within this five month.

I was extended for a month.
When i first knew that i was extended, i was really depressed.
I didn't tell my family, in fear of i will break down and make mom worry. Mom is a worry wart and she got hypertension, so i always tell her i am enjoying my work.
Until the end, i just kept all my depression inside, air mata setitik pun tak keluar.

But, i am lucky to have such a great friends and bosses around me.
My friends and colleagues kept telling me that i did a good job as a first poster, not to worry too much regarding my extension.
Some of my bosses (the MOs) able to detect my depressed mood during my extension period, and they kept giving me motivational support and i am really grateful for that.

I ve met a lot of wonderful people, and also a handful numbers of annoying ones 😭

Next week gonna be my last week in Ortho, altough i always feel this dept quite annoying with all the politics and drama, i do really enjoy my first posting in ortho. For sure, i ll miss this department when i enter the more stressful departments after this.

Till then peeps,
Wish me luck in my next dept.

*tak sabarnya nak EOP, nak jenjalan dan tidur puas puas yeayyyy!