Monday, 23 April 2018

The First Half

Assalamualaikum and hello all :)

I am currently in my 4th posting of housemanship, means i completed the first half my housemanship. Things were not definitely easy. Lots of ups and downs.

But i am so glad i finished my medical posting. The posting which i felt the worst posting ever.
I really do enjoyed medical but lots of times the people in that dept that made medical not so enjoyable. The ridiculous warning letters left and right given to housemans, silly reasons for extensions, and lots of other things. But i am glad i passed all of that, after six months i can finally say goodbye to medical 👋🏻

Now i am in my fourth week in paediatrics. It's a good posting.
During my students years, paediatric is one of the specialty that i thought of pursuing.
But looking at my current state now, i dont know anymore. I think i am entering a stage where i felt so tired of this housemanship thingy. I lost my passion and i dont know how to enjoy my job anymore. I am tired of all the dramas with all the people in it.

I lost my passion to study, i felt constantly tired and have no energy left when i arrive home.

I have another less than a year to complete this housemanship, pray for me that i ll make it to the end.
I do not wanna quit halfway.

Go go yan! You can do it!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Worst Department


i am too tired now.
this shitty department is extremely tiring, i am so exhausted.
i felt like quitting
i need a break.

i thought O&G is the worst, but now i am in a deparment that felt like hell

Friday, 22 September 2017

Third Poster

Assalamualaikum and hey all!
It's been a while peeps 🙋🏻

*krik krik*
Time flies so fast
Believe it or not, i am already in my third posting ; medical

I finished o&g last week, alhamdulillah i passed o&g with a little bit of luck and my specialist's kindness.
I was late in sending my logbook 😅 but she decided to give me more time (1 extra day if not she will extend me)
I really, really dont want to be extended in o&g.

Today is my fourth day in medical department, alhamdulillah i am lucky again as the MO and specialist in my current ward are so kind. So at least i had time to adjust myself in medical without feeling depressed sebab kena marah kau lembap haha

Each department is so different, in the management, environment and your job scope. so even if you are third poster, you need a little bit of time to adjust. But if u are an excellent ho, after one day you can work as fully functional houseman already. Unfortunately i am not that kind of excellent houseman. I need time to adjust myself, get used to the management and i am still teragak2 and blur in what to do in this new department.

So i am hugely grateful when my MO and specialist are so kind and treat housemans as their colleague.

Okay, that's all for now.

See u in another four month peeps haha that's when i finish this department (hopefully)
Doakan saya okayyy. 😘

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Sleep is a luxury when you are a houseman.

I am still amazed on how i manage to survive with no sleep for more than 24 hours, when i used to be known as kaki tido during my high school time.

Currently so sleepy, i need my sleep!
But cannot, have to wait until 5 baru boleh keluar from clinic.
Nak balikk!

Okay this is just my random ranting, another 20 minutes before punch out.

Tomorrow have to come to work early morning 😑