Friday, 7 December 2012

Cakar Ayam

Assalamualaikum and hello all ;)
I was doing my homework, looking through my notes.. and at one point i stopped for a long time. I stopped to ponder what is this written on my note and try to look for any relevance for that particular situation for the patient (i was doing history taking)
And heh. I... don't understand my own notes  =.='
I remember making a promise to myself before not to follow the stereotype of doctors having bad handwriting.
However despite of the promise, i found myself in this situation of not understanding my own notes several times already.
But actually, to be honest, I don't really agree with the stereotype of doctors equal to bad handwriting or famously known as cakar ayam.
In my opinion, any student regardless the course, be it medicine, engineer or anything, will certainly have cakar ayam writing in these two situation;
1) if they are trying to take notes while standing and
2) if they are trying to take notes during a very rapid and heavy lecture.
Me myself will only have cakar ayam in these two situations, otherwise my handwriting will be so kemas and cantik (this is what we called you enter a basket and lift it up by yourself pfffftt~ baca : masuk bakul angkat sendiri)
But maybe doctors are more prone of having bad handwriting because they are more exposed to these two situation and some sort of 'adaptation' occur, maybe. Haha but seriously, not all doctors have cakar ayam you know.
To any future doctors, let us kill this stereotype :p
Okay, enough with my ranting tonight. Thank you for reading.
*ps; i am in the mood of writing in english tonight. Sorry if the grammar and word usage are berterabur. It has been so long you know. #ohmyenglish
Oh and one more thing, i am using application of blogger for android for this post. But honestly i think wordpress' app is better. In blogger you cannot change the position of your image. So the image will only be at the bottom of this post. Am i right? Or maybe it can and i am the ignorant one? Hee~


puteraduyong said...

cakar ayam..kalau faham takde masalah...

Ujie said...

lps ni yayan jd doc yg bertulisan kemas ya.

guna bloggerdroid kan? akak sesekali ada guna. gamba boleh letak kat atas. tapi part menaip tu leceh.

نورعيم said...

eh tulisan yan lawa la. lawa dari saya tau. huhu.

tulisan sy sentiasa buruk. haha.