Friday, 21 October 2011

FT Island's Like Birds.

Assalamualaikum and hello all :)

Lagu baru FT Island dah keluar. yeayyy!
It's a remake song.

FT Island's Like Birds.

The cars racing through the open space
And the people shined by the setting sun

The cars racing on the highway
This street in the heart of the city crowded with busy footsteps
Between the densely packed buildings like trees in a forest
The billiant neon signs
I want to fly above this city today - come on

As I look at the birds flying
I want to follow them and fly as well
Freely underneath the blue sky
I want to follow them

I want to fly in the sky today
I want to touch the clouds
Uh yes I wanna touch the cloud
Because they are lower than the sky
If only if the tips of my fingers can touch the tip of the cloud

Even if I want to leave this stuffy city
I cannot go

I want to get out of this frustrating routine
Let's get out out - I want to get out of here now
Above the sky, I feel like there will be something for me
Like the birds in the sky, let's fly to the sky - fly high

Fly - spread your wings, look only to the sky
If you have courage, you can do it

Let's fly high :)

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