Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sorry and Thank You :)

Asslamualaikum :)

Sorry and thank you.

These two words means a lot to me. Kalau dalam bahasa melayu, Maaf dan terima kasih.

huhhh some people may think that these two words means nothing but for me it means a lot.

People sometimes says sorry, even when he/she doesn't really mean it. I mean macam orang cakap sorry just sebab nak jaga hati.
For me, that sorry means a lot since they have at least the intention not to hurt you. They tried their best not to let small thing complicate matters.
*Hati aku cepat cair taw kalau orang buat salah dan terus cakap sorry. Memang la kite akan ingat benda tu kadang2 after that tapi at least lega sikit hati.

But sometimes when I utter the word sorry because of any misunderstanding, fight or etc, i keep wanting to hear the other side saying the same thing. sometimes i do feel pathetic for hoping something that i should not.
hmm i always keep in mind that in an argumant or misunderstanding, both sides always have their share in creating the mess thus both of us should feel sorry about it. but then i will feel disappointed if i am the only one showing the effort for apologizing.
pathetuc eh? T.T

Thank you :)

This is another i think another magic word for me. Thank you!
It gives you calming effect. hehe macam amphetamine buat dekat hyperactive children, it gives paradoxically calming effect ^^

But my mood always get better if someone says thank you whatever reason is.
Macam semalam in this situation,
"takuuutt nak exam!" that’s what i told one of my study-group-mate. and she respond, “tak pe. yan banyak tolong orang. InsyaAllah bole. thank you sebab tolong diba.”

this one sentence makes me feel so touched.

thank you jugak dekat diba dengan dila sebab banyak sangat tolong aku :)

ceh tibe2 sentimental pulak kan. tade keje dua post sehari padahal esok exam. okay dah stop!


ibah said...

yan, entry kau semua best2. thanks yan..n sori too, gd luck exam yan. aku tahu kau boleh buat.

Izyan Khalidah said...

hehe thank you ibah.. insyaAllah kite sume bole buat ^^

silah said...

yannn sori... :DD

Izyan Khalidah said...

haha ko tade buat salah laa silahh aigooo... ^^

mInYe said...

the hardest word when u say sorry but the easiest word when u say thank you~

Izyan Khalidah said...