Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Air panas


Whenever you are in doubt, whenever you have any prob, whenever you are depressed, whenever you are happy.... The first thing that you must do is return to The Almighty. Everything insyaAllah will be solve for you.

Today, i had some doubts regarding some matters in Islam and that made me feels so lazy to do my daily- before-sleep routine that i've been trying to practise for the last week. But i forced myself to go and take wudhu.

It's winter here in egypt so i switch on the water heater and the water is extra warm tonight. So while taking my wudhu i felt the water is quite hot and withdraw my hand quickly.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind, if i cannot even stand the water that is that hot how am i going to survive the jahannam?

That's a thing to ponder for tonight. May Allah make us among those who will be saved from the hell fire, amin.

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