Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Alhamdulillah,, yesterday we just finished our practical exam for end of module3. Feel like writing in English today coz it has been so long since writing my last essay. Novels also have been ignored for a long time. My grammar is getting worse i think. haha but still some part 'dirojakkan' coz I think it is more interesting to be in Malay. Ok, let me share with everyone how the practical exam was done in my lovely Alexndria Uni. It was supposed to start on 2pm haha but due to some technical problems like blackout, preparation for slides and etc since the Egyptian students had their exam before us so we had to wait for two hours. All the butterflies which was flying happily in my stomach since yesterday had fluttered away due to the long wait.:) We were given 30 spots or stations which in each spot there was a question along with slides, structures or the results of lab test. Two minutes for each spot. Two minutes is long actually buat due to our 'gabra'ness which eventually leads to blankness I do felt two min is not enough for some question. Esp for the pedigree question where we have to draw like some sort of family tree which representing the mode of inheritence in genetic disease. Mr M and Mrs cant-remember-the-letter had a lot of children and there were also their four grandchildren. ngek betol. The placentas were place outside the jar. Then, Pah dengan semangatnye held them to study their structure. orang lain sume tengok je dari jauh. takde nawaitu pon nak pegang haha dah la placenta tu smelly. Sian Pah cause she thought the placenta was plastic just like the brain but unfortunately they were real taken fron someone's uterus la sayangku pah. hehe then, Raffsan pulak langgar meja waktu nak shift to another spot sampai jatuh meja ngan test tube kot. haha lawak la kawan2 ak ni.
Ok, fine my English has slowly gone. Tak kisah la. :D
The final exam had been postponed to 15th and 16th March.and we ll start our 2nd semester on 20th.
hehe wish me and frens luck k. Must fulfill mission nak balek Malaysia. aminn.
*Baru tukar background. haha nampak tak macam semangat nak exam? haha mestilah kena ade study mood balik lepas puas enjoy semalam tengok My Name Is Khan ngan Gokusen.:p


diyana anwar said...

aiyaa. mcm sama je ngan ktrg. tp ktrg punya slides definitely different!

IzyanKhalidah said...

haha agaknye kat mesir suma same je kot format dye.. diyana punye slides tunjuk gigi je eh..:D


all the best in ur exams..