Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Even Sperms Know to Zikr to Allah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Today's lecture by Pr. Fareed Jibali stunned me and makes me think of our Creator, Allah SWT. How the Almighty Allah creates things is totally beyond our imagination. Today's lecture was about embryology. We learned how historical, romantic and not to forget the scientific meeting of sperm and the secondary oocyte in the uterine tube of the female. After the sperms and of course only the successful ones which is the ones who is the strongest and luckiest manage to reach the ampullary part of the female, they swim or make rounds around the oocyte in the direction of anticlockwise. This phenomenone is the same just like people doing tawaf during Hajj and also the Sun. Pr. Fareed asked us to think of the blessing of Allah and said that it is believed that the sperms is doing zikr to Allah before entering and fusing with the oocyte..SubhanAllah..Even the sperm knows how to remember the Almighty? This makes me realize that I should reflect my self.

Man remembers Allah at Times of Adversity and forgets Him at Times of Prosperity

We as human beings which is one of the results of the success fertilization of the sperm and oocyte should remember Him more and be grateful we had our chance to see the world. Be grateful and remember Him just like when we were at the first step of being human being.
When we were just a sperm and an ovum.


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