Sunday, 29 May 2016

My beans of wisdom

Assalamualaikum all 😊

I have always been a drama addict haha to be specific, korean drama addict. But over the years i have managed to lessen my addiction. I watch less drama because, well being drama addict while you are in a med school is not really a good idea.

So how do i do it? Haha by being an avid reader of a blog called dramabeans. In dramabeans they do recapping of lots of dramas.

I figured out if i read the recaps of certain dramas, i will be less 'tertarik' to watch them. (Tak tahu apa word yg sesuai untuk tertarik haha)

Reading recaps require much less time than watching the whole 16 or sometimes 20 episodes of dramas.


I have some free time now, so i watch some dramas AND read the recap. 

There's this section in dramabeans called  Beans of Wisdom, where they feature some great comments over the week on their blog. 

And this week my comment is featured! 

Hahaha well i am so excited but i dont know where to rant, since i dont know who else is a reader of dramabeans.. Hence, 'terlahirlah' this post 😉

I always use my initials, ikhh while commenting in dramabeans. 

I am so excited when i saw my comment is featured in beans of wisdom this week. Never even have the slightest expectation for it to be featured. 

Well, mesti korang tak faham pun apa yang saya excited kan haha 😂

That's all for today. 🙋🏻

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