Friday, 15 April 2016


IAssalamualaikum wbt

I am becoming a huge fan of one night two days, well i was always a fan of that show. But i was not as obsessed as i am right now. Blame all the free time that i have. *sigh*

Every week, on sundays, tak sabar nak tunggu keluar episod baru. Laptop rosak dan internet rumah tak laju so kena depend on the episodes uploaded by KBS World youtube channel. Tengok youtube dekat phone sangat laju haha.

Well, one of the reason why i like 1N2D is because of the travelling part. They always visit pretty places. 

I never thought of hiking before, but because of 1N2D one of my to-do-list nowadays is to hike and enjoy the nature.
I even ada rasa nak pergi panjat bukit larut lagi sekali, eventhough i hated it so much masa sekolah dkt mrsm taiping dulu. Lol.

Other than the travel part, the main reason 1N2D is so addictive is because that show is so funny, like seriously! The members have lots of chemistry together. 
I felt so sad when kim joo hyuk left the show, how can he felt he is a burden to the show? 

I don't even know why i am rambling about 1N2D here, but i need somewhere to rant about my current obsession. 


Till then, bye!

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