Friday, 10 December 2010

One Liter of Tears.

Currently watching this drama for the second time.
Same effect ; teary eyes and runny nose from the first till the final episode.

Just felt like watching it again after having clinical physiology classes. The tests we are studying are the same with the ones taken by Aya.

This is one of my most-recommended-must-watch drama.

*ps ; pastikan sedia tissue banyak2 ;(

gamba credits to ; blog Asilah ;) *hehe curi gamba satu*

Currenly, this is the thing that we have to handle in this module ; brain.

* Just health is one of the greatest gift given to us by God.
So thank you Allah for this wonderful gift :) *


Hur Ain~ said...

ya Allah yan!!! best giler kan one litre of tears tu!!!
serius sedih....T.T

IzyanKhalidah said...

aah hur.. sangat!! kite teresak2 kot tgok cite tuu.feeling habis ;(

miss sadiq! said...

tisu sekotak pun tak cukup kowt..

IzyanKhalidah said...

haha~ first tyme tgok kite siap gune towel kowt T.T

Apple Aimi said...

mmg feel n myentuh perasaan cite tu. Suke sgt2.